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CatStrand Young Critics Programme


The Young Critics is a programme of CatStrand Young Creatives funded by Holywood Trust.

We know that theatre is a place to develop young artists and young citizens and we promote youth creative art opportunities that focus on the artistic, personal and social development of young people. It is part of Young Creatives commitment to developing young people’s awareness and appreciation of the aesthetic of theatre and performance events.

CatStrand Young Critics Programme - 18 - 25 yrs

What is the CatStrand Young Critics Programme?

CatStrand Young Critics programme is open to young adults who are interested in watching theatre, dance and music performances and critically discussing, analysing and reviewing work.

During the programme, young people will see high quality productions while developing their critical skills with supported critique training workshops. The programme will culminate with the Young Critics panel at the end of the year.

Along the way, you will connect with other young people across the Glenkens, make new friends, have fun and have some life-changing experiences.


What is involved?


The programme brings Young People together to:

  • Gain skills in effectively critiquing performances

  • Attend CatStrand arts venue in the critique of professional theatre, music and dance events

  • Write critiques of the performances on the Young Critics Blog and social media on the CatStrand Young Creatives website

  • Attend the Young Critics Team Meeting and training workshops (Bi monthly)

  • Become an Art Ambassadors for the Young Creatives arts programme

  • Adhere to the CatStrand Young Creatives, Young CriticCode of Conduct

We have three areas of interest for Young Critics;

Young Critics – Theatre

Young Critic – Dance

Young Critics – Music

Who is eligible for the programme?

Applicants must be over 18 years of age living in the Dumfries and Galloway. They should demonstrate a genuine interest in music, dance or theatre and have strong writing skills. Willingness and ability to travel to CatStrand, New Galloway for performances is essential.


£60 per performance including travel expenses, a pre event video advertisement to share upcoming performances and or written blog and a written critique blog for the Spotlight page and video post on social media. Young Critics will also receive free training in critiquing theatre and performance.

How to Apply

If you are interested in becoming a CatStrand Young Critic, please email detailing why you would be a good candidate to join the programme.


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