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Art Ambassadors School Scheme

What is the Art Ambassadors Scheme?

An arts development project, empowering young people across Dumfries and Galloway to take ownership of how the arts are shaped. Young Art Ambassadors act as community networkers to advocate for improved arts and culture provision in the region.

Who can join the Art Ambassadors network?

Any school within Dumfries and Galloway that is committed to working in partnership with CatStrand Young Creatives and other local schools on a regional arts development programme.  


What do Art Ambassadors do?
  • Art Ambassadors represent the ideas and aspirations of their fellow young people within the arts.  

  • Working within their school network, they advocate for and develop arts activities and creative opportunities that fill the needs and interests of young people in the region. 

  • They meet quarterly with the wider Art Ambassadors network to share what they have been doing within their school network and convey ideas for what their peers would like to see happen in the area.  

How does it work?
  • Each school or college nominates a minimum of one teacher to be the ‘champion’, who will support the young Arts Ambassadors.  

  • The Champion will select a minimum of one student to be the Art Ambassador(s) representing their school. 

  • The network commits to regular collaboration within the Art Ambassadors scheme, attending quarterly meetings with the wider regional network to feedback and share ideas for the arts. 

  • The Art Ambassadors for each school are given a brief on what to prepare for each quarterly meeting with the wider Art Ambassadors network.  

  • CatStrand Young Creatives offer support in seeking funding opportunities and connecting young people with providers within the arts and cultural sector, to see ideas into fruition. 

What are the outcomes and benefits?
  • Students are given the opportunity to become active community members and contributors to the arts and cultural sector.

  • Young People are given a voice in the region’s arts development, and in turn, the arts sector becomes more in tune to young people’s needs and interests. 

  • Schools and young people within the region have a stronger sense of what is going on in the region, and what creative development opportunities there are for students. 

  •  The Art Ambassadors learn skills in communication, leadership, research, and collaboration.  

  • Saltire Volunteer Awards. 


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