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Creative Careers

Our year round youth arts programme provides opportunities for paid internship and work experience in the arts for ages 15-25.

We can offer varied work experiences in the Creative sector here at CatStrand, from occasional work experience to paid part- or full-time internships to supporting Foundation Apprentices. Look out for opportunities as they arise, or do feel free to contact us directly – we can often work something out on a personal basis.


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Current Internship - Morgan Love

We are absolutely thrilled to welcome our new intern Morgan, who will be a valued member of the Young Creatives team in running the music school and various other exciting projects we have planned throughout the year.  

Morgan will work with Cat, the Young Creatives Programme Lead to ensure the Young Music Maker Project runs smoothly and efficiently including producing progress reports, coordinating with tutors, practitioners and students, and resolving conflicts should any arise.

Our mission to provide exceptional musical experiences to children and young people in the Glenkens and beyond has been made possible through this generWe are absolutely thrilled to welcome our new music intern Morgan, who will be a valued member of the Young Creatives team in running the music school and various other exciting projects we have planned throughout the year.  

If you have any enquiries about the Young Music Maker Project, Morgan can be contacted on

Past Internship - Phoebe Watt

Phoebe worked with us for  6 months to research, programmer promote and stage a new arts strand aimed at young adults in Dumfries & Galloway, to be included in the main CatStrand Arts Programme and the CatStrand Young Creatives programme. Phoebe will be supported in their duties by Peter Renwick, Arts, Cultural and Heritage Manager and Catherine Campbell, Youth Arts Coordinator. 

This internship was jointly funded by the Holywood Trust and Galloway Glens Landscape Partnership through the Glenkens Community and Arts Trust.

Phoebe said at the start of her internship

"I’m so excited to be joining the team and really looking forward to getting involved in the local arts community and to use my time here to increase younger audiences’ engagement with cinema and the arts through diverse programming that reflects the concerns and interests of my generation."


Past Internship - Chance Spernagel

Chance Spernagel is currently completing the work experience part of their Foundation Apprenticeship here from October 2021 to April 2022. Chance has created a suite of Social Media channels for our new GCAT brand and is currently working on our Youth Arts branding and marketing. It’s been great having them in the office on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, and we’re delighted to be able to report that Chance has recently been accepted to the City of Glasgow College to study Visual Marketing. Great work, Chance!

" I really love the experience of working here, there’s a great environment and I’m learning so much "

Chance Spernagel 


2021 Case Study: Summer Interns

2022 Case Study: Directorial Debut

In summer 2021, Findlay McGaw and Arran Kiernan-McDonald took up part-time Intern positions to support our pilot Youth Spaces project. These paid positions required them to plan, support and help delivery Youth Work sessions at New Galloway Town Hall and outside in Dalry. Findlay had just finished S6 and Arran S4 at the time. They both found it really interesting to work with other younger people, and gained a lot from the responsibility of the position.



The Youth Spaces project was funded by the Blackcraig wind farm community benefit fund, through Foundation Scotland and the Glenkens and District Trust. The internships were match-funded by the Galloway Glens Landscape Partnership Project.


In March 2022, James Wallace (20) will make his directorial debut as he takes the CatStrand Youth Players to compete in the Scottish District Drama festival. The play scooped 6 awards at the Stewartry qualifier, including 'Best moment in theatre'. James has been a stalwart of the Youth Players for 5 years, and this year has taken the jump into directing.

James said "I am is very grateful to be given the chance to direct a play for the first time. I am very thankful to Brian Edgar for giving me the chance. I look forward to directing many more."

James is also a key member of the GCAT staff team and we're all really  proud of everything that James has achieved through CatStrand over the years.

*CatStrand Youth Players is open to people aged from 11 years - 25 years and typically rehearses on a Sunday . Contact Brian Edgar on for more details about how to get involved.

2022 Case Study: Short Film Commission

In early 2021, the Galloway Glens commissioned a young film-maker, Faye McKellar, to create a series of short films about some of their projects. We were delighted to support Faye in the creation of these films, most of which were filmed in CatStrand.

Faye had previously undertaken a visual arts internship at the CatStrand and been a member of CatStrand Youth’s 'Jumpcut' film-making group. She is now studying at Stirling University to study film & media later this year.  

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