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Creative Sparks (4 - 11 years)

Sparking an early interest in the arts and allow a pathway into engagement with CatStrand activity. This includes weekly Margaret Movement dance classes, a  bi-monthly Art Explorers art club and saturday music school. We also provide one-off taster sessions and events during school holidays and will be working with with Dalry, Kells  primary schools to deliver accredited arts takeover weeks.                

Note that most regular and one off events have limited spaces and require advance booking through our What's On page. Events are either free or heaviliy subsidised, thanks to our external funding, allowing us to bring these opportunities to all our young people. 

Workshops & Classes


Art Explorers | 5 - 10 years

An artist - led club for  4-8 year olds who love to make art! Sessions are fortnighlty on a saturday morning and explore a range of arts, from printmaking to music, as well as the work of other artists.Attendees have the opportunity to work towards our Explore Arts Awards.£2 per session. Parents can stay, especially if children are likely to require additional supervision.


Mini Music Makers | Family 

Mini music makers is a fun filled family music session deisgned to ignire the love of music in your litle one! Our singing and music making workshops are perfect for your 6 and unders with an accompaned parent. 

Join Kate Picken in a fun and playful interactive session and make music together!


DramaRama & Musical Theatre

Join Cat on a fun creative adventure to magical lands exploring play through drama, movement and storytelling. From adventures in the jungles to chasing dragonss and flying woth fairies, the weekly session  will prite imagaination and speaking skills in a fun way - helping to  bring out the inner performer in your child whilst proting self confidence and makingnew friends!

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Ukuele Sparks 

At catstrand young creatives, our aim is to make music accessible and fun for children of all ages. Our Group Ukulele class for children aged 6 years plus is designed to be an enjoyable and interactive learning experience. Our music tutor will teach you techniques for learning the basics of strumming chords and easy fingerpicking. No experience necessary, so come join us


Health Play 

Join local dancer and choreographer Sara Shackleton in these weekly health play session.

A song, a story, a rhyme, an idea an object combine in this delighyful dance syllabus for pre school and early years in these health play sessions.


Taste of Music

Join us for a jam-packed session of music making and discovery, designed for children to try out new instruments and learn the basics of rhythm and beat. With a variety of instruments including ukulele, keyboard, guitar and African drums, your child will have the opportunity to explore their musical interests and develop their skills.

Monthly session that run without parents.


Margaret Morris | Youth Grades

Led by  local dancer, choreograher and teacher Sara Lockwood.

A series of dance exercises combine with expression  and dance composition  to help the individual to develop physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually. These classes encourage a creative mind alongside a broad movement vocabulary

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Guitar Skills

Catstrand Young Creatives is the perfect place to nurture your musician within! We offer small group Guitar lessons  for beginners aged under 10, taught by experienced music tutors in a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere.


Join us to get your young one's musical journey started. 

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